Product Consent

I understand, agree, certify, and authorize the following:

  1. This test is voluntary. I wish to perform this test.
  2. Several drops of blood are needed to perform this test. This test involves a pricking my finger with disposable lancets. It may be uncomfortable or painful. No long-lasting side effects from testing are expected. I understand that there is a rare risk of infection at the puncture site. I acknowledge that the nature of the collection will cause slight discomfort.
  3. Spot Health Inc. has contracted with CLIA-certified laboratories for laboratory analysis and report of my specimen. I authorize these laboratories to perform testing on my specimen and to release test results or other information necessary to Spot Health Inc., the ordering physician, and to me.
  4. Healthyr has contracted with Spot Health Inc. to provide these testing services. I authorize Spot Health Inc. to release test results or other information necessary to Healthyr.
  5. I understand that processing of the specimen and results may take between 1 to 5 days.
  6. I understand that I am not entering into a doctor-patient relationship with Spot Health Inc., Healthyr, or the ordering physician, and that any questions or required follow up shall be my responsibility to arrange with my own physician.
  7. I am not a resident of the state of New York.

By registering my test kit, I acknowledge that I have read, understand, agree, certify, and/or authorize the information above and further agree that I and my heirs, executors and assigns hereby release Spot Health Inc. and Healthyr including its employees, agents, and contractors from any and all liability and claims.